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The EG CAC (Community Advisory Committee) to Special Education will be holding it’s monthly meeting, Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00 at the Trigg Building, Elk Grove Florin Road.

Dr. Ladd, Superintendent of the Elk Grove School District will be there to discuss how the California economy is effecting funding of the education system and how this might impact the education of students with IEP’s.  By all appearances, things are not going to be getting better any time soon but there are things that parents and community members can do to help. He will be available to answer questions.

Kevin Schaefer will then present on “How to Read and Understand your Child’s Assessments.” Do these terms confuse you?

  •  Standard Scores,
  •  Standard Deviation, 
  •  Percentile ranks,
  •  Scaled  Scores
  • Discrepancy model
  • AGE scores
  • NCE’s v
  • Confidence bands

A parent needs to be comfortable with these term in order to  be a strong member if their child’s IEP TEAM.  Always remember: assessments determine goals and goals drive services.  The importance of understanding the assessments can not be undervalued.


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